Natalie Yükselen

Natalie Yükselen Resmi
Natalie gained her 20 year business experience mainly in strategic management consulting and the last 5 years in the Turkish Private Equity environment in various roles
Owner, partner of BEN Investment Management,
Turkey Partner for Kerten Private Equity
General Manager at GEM Private Equity Partners, Istanbul
Manager in McKinsey & Company Istanbul and Boston Consulting Group, Amsterdam
Nearly 12 years in the Turkish environment, Natalie also worked with the largest private company (Arçelik of Koc Group) and as an entrepreneur in drugstore retail. Her top tier network in the Turkish business community allows her to generate and secure value for investors and consulting clients.
Natalie holds a Master degree in Business and a Master degree in Law from Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands and the London School of Economics. She was further trained at Harvard University

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