Maksat Amangeldiyev

Maksat Amangeldiyev Resmi
Lead Developer at Picnic Hippo. Was born in Turkmenistan. During high school period showed high interest to scientific subjects. Gained prizes in state mathematical and language olympiads, got bronze medal on international mathematical project competition in Astana, Kazakhstan. As a university student participated twice in semi-final of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

Started his professional carrier at the age of 18 as Junior Java Developer in a company, which provided software solutions for court system of Kyrgyzstan. Later on continued his work at a Software development company focused on international market starting as Java, .NET and C++ Developer and ending up as a Lead Developer and Project manager. At that time completed projects for USA telecom businesses, Canadian videoconferencing services, Australian retail businesses, USA security emission commission, French filming businesses and many others.

Upon graduation from university passed obligatory military service in Turkmenistan, worked as a lead specialist in Archive of Ministry of Defence. Worked as an entrepreneur for one year and participated in various governmental projects in Turkmenistan.

Then he decided to work in the largest System Integration company of Turkmenistan as System Administrator and participated in several IT projects.

in 2011 started working at Picnic Hippo as Lead Developer. Developing game mechanics, physics rules and animations for Bucketz Game, integrated project to social services, actively participates in game design.

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27 Aralık 2012
Etohum Mobil Oyun Workshop
Özyeğin Üniversitesi / İstanbul