TOBB ETÜ Siber Güvenlik Günü

Konferans / Bilim Teknoloji

24 Mart 2016, Perşembe

09:00 - 17:00



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09:00 – 09:30Tanışma, çay ve kahve ikramı09:30 – 10:30Doç.Dr. Hüsrev Taha Sencar, TOBB-ETÜ
File carving: An overview and where it’s going10:30 – 11:00

Kahve arası

11:00 – 12:00Dr. Leyla Bilge, Symantec Research Labs
A new era for cyber security12:00 – 13:30Öğle yemeği arası13:30 – 14:30Prof.Dr. Engin Kırda, Northeastern University
Research directions in systems security14:30 – 15:00Kahve arası15:00 – 16:00Kaan Onarlığlu, Northeastern University
Retrofitting privacy into operating systems16:00 – 17:00Dr. Melek Önen, Eurecom
Privacy and security challenges in cloud computing17:00 Kapanış

Sunum Özetleri (Abstracts):

(Tüm sunumlar Türkçe olacaktır.)

File carving: An overview and where it’s going
File carving techniques allow for recovery of files from storage devices in the absence of any file system metadata. Over time, as end user systems have become more dependent on cloud based services, filecarving has turned increasingly into a law enforcement and intelligence specialty. This talk will give an overview of some of the key challenges and findings in this area.  We will also discuss how the field will evolve in the future.

A new era for cyber security
Over the last two decades, the cyber threat ecosystem faced a dramatic change. Today, being compromised by malicious software or even worse getting breached is not any more a matter of “if” but unfortunately “when”. In this talk, I will be talking about the current status of the cyber threat landscape and which kind of possible solutions could help the cyber defenders keep up with the every day evolving advanced threats. Furthermore, I will be introducing a new concept that might allow us achieve an advantageous position in the cyber arms-race : Prediction.

Research directions in systems security
We are living in interesting times with respect to the security of our networked systems. Not a day goes by without a major security incident, or event in the news. In this talk, I will briefly talk about some of the current and future research directions in systems security, and will try to speculate on what I think lies ahead.

Retrofitting privacy into operating systems
Privacy is of paramount importance for many users, and technologies such as privacy modes in web browsers, disk encryption, and fine-grained permission systems have become increasingly popular. Unfortunately, although such solutions are useful, they are not perfect. For example, browsers leave traces of information on disk even in private browsing mode, and disk encryption alone is not sufficient as key disclosure through coercion remains possible. While modern OSes such as iOS and Android have taken the opportunity provided by these new platforms to introduce permission systems in which users can manage access to sensitive resources, traditional desktop OSes cannot enjoy the benefits of user-driven access control due to the fact that applications must be rewritten with this security model in mind. In this talk, I will present ideas that address these problems by retrofitting system-wide, application-agnostic privacy features into OSes.

Privacy and security challenges in cloud computing
Cloud computing services offer an opportunity for individuals and companies to offload to powerful servers the burden of managing large amounts of data and performing computationally demanding operations. The advantages of cloud-based storage and processing unfortunately come with a high cost in terms of new security and privacy exposures. In this talk, I will present some of the security and privacy challenges and briefly overview recent advances on cryptographic techniques that help in ensuring confidentiality, integrity and privacy protection.


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